“Jompuchit” training to fight with “Petchmorakot”

“Mr. Mhor Krabipomdeng” confirmed an injury of Jompichit Cheif Buntam’s arm is healing so Muay Thai fans should not worry. He begin to training several days ago to fight with Petchmorakot Tedet 99 in the Giant War on 16 August 2014 by lose weight 1-pound as a 125/126 pounds. He does not fear because he believes his skill is better and his body is fresher before come to get the belt back.

Former featherweight champion of Radchadamneon stadium, Jompichit Chief Buntam stop boxing two months because he his arm was injuries but Mr. Mhor send doctor to heal him and now he can come back to boxing again. He ready to training for fight with Tedet 99 in the big program, T.Chaiwat War & SJ Wichitpadreaw on 16 August 2014 . Pichit will lose weight 1-pound as a 125/126 pounds but he does not fear. From Mr. Mhor’s opinion, he thinks Jompichit’s experience is not better but his body, fresh and skill is better than Petchmorakot.

“Now, Jompichit was heal. His injuries for months already heal. Cost of medical care is high. He come to training several days ago and will fight with Petchmorakot on 16 August 2014. He was very happy and so am I because He will fight in million dollars War; T.Chaiwat War of SJ Toi is the super big fight of new power group. Muay Thai fans should not miss this fight” Mr.Mhor annouces.

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