How November 23 A Mma Fight – Destroy Your Assailant With These 3 Styles

I claim one point about this fight, Cheick Kongo sucks at having difficulties. Yes he can strike but his grappling is struggling it is not even weird. About 6 months ago Kongo earned a visit to Vancouver Canada and he stopped and rolled with an of my teammates at Dynamic MMA and some Marcus Soares BJJ fighters. Adam Ryan runs Dynamic MMA and he was putting on a show on Kongo. Yes Ryan has MMA experience it can be a black belt in jujitsu under 7th degree BJJ black belt Marcus Soares but he was playing with Kongo on a lawn and many guys covering everything from blues, purple, brown belts in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu were also dominating Kongo and incapacitated. Cheick Kongo was basically being pimped on the earth. Kongo was only able to outlive just for a fact that he was bigger and had freak severity.

Martial arts is a message sport. For sparring, even when sparring lightly, wear safety equipment. Wear a mouthpiece, a protective cup, shin guards, 16 oz. boxing gloves and headgear for Muay Thai sparring, especially a mouthpiece. A mouthpiece talks about two dollars but a fabulous tooth is all about two thousand dollars. Should the ears are sensitive, wear wrestling headgear when troubled. Wrestling knee pads are good for grappling because well.

If you show up in a place isn’t clean, the training area is not safe. Additionally you need to and distinct they keep the training equipment that you have got to get the most from your training sessions. Some examples are Thai pads, weights, jump ropes, quality mat surface, cage, ring and punching bags. How do you improve proper amount punching atmosphere and by way of prepare for MMA along with no cage?

There are many aspects within the training and here are some of which you will need to consider. Firstly, the sport is so robust and demanding you will have to be physically very fit before place step into the ring. As time goes on, rules have changed and now to prevent any lethality in competition, a regular boxing gloves are now used for protection.

Oakland A’s (2010- 40 saves) Andrew Bailey was the waiver gift previously mentioned last year, being the poster child for those owners who rely on chasing saves throughout the season. As good as Bailey was, however, Oakland only ranked 21st overall saves with 38. That number will hit the 40 mark in 2010 with Bailey their established closer, Michael Wuertz getting him the lead from the 8th, and either Brad Ziegler or Joey Devine handling the 7th. This uncertainty helps puch Oakland’s ranking down to 9th.

Colorado Rockies (2010- 43 Saves) Right about where they finsihed in 2009 (45 saves), the Rockies have solidified the roles in their pen, with Huston Street handling the closing duties, Franklin Morales setting him up, and Rafael Betancourt taking the ball regarding 7th. Being Colorado pitchers might get you a small discount on Street and Morales, you will get plenty of saves away from the two.

Kongo isn’t really where near a top level martial artist. He is the best example of an one dimensional fighter. He has great striking but no grappling whatsoever. He has used his size and strength improved but Mir is dependable fighter and we will impose his skill a good unskilled fighter. This is the best UFC bet for the night. I would personally lay a huge number of money on the money line and when there is really an UFC prop bet I would personally bet on a submission victory in this fight.

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