On this 1st March , it should predict that whoever will be the champion of the match.

For the boxing program in King Fight Kid round , it has cleared all problem already to fight in Semi Final round and Final round on this 1th March 2015 at International Rangsit by using the regulation to fight as the same way of King Fighter by using method of draw a lots from 4 couple boxers. Later, the winners might grasp the champion together ; namely, Rungpanomlek S.T.D. and Transports , Thongnoi Luakbanyai and Supernew Nondangyim for fighting 42 kg. However, it might be except for Sanson Arawan to fight in 41.5 kg. to bargain weight for his couple boxer in half of kilogram. Later, the winners from these 2 couple boxers might grasp the champion , but the losers might not grasp for the third rank by receiving prize for each of 25000 baht. Finally, the winner might gain 100000 baht as well as the second rank to gain 50000 baht by letting the muay thai fans to cheer up for this program.

NongBoat said that fighting only one day it might know the result of this boxing round by draw a lots from 2 winner couple boxers in terms of waiting to fight in the final round instantly. Thus, it should invite for the interesting muay thai fans , who would like to cheer up and send encouragement to him with confidence to fight with funniness and make impression to the muay thai fans also.

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