“Banglee” believes that “Taladkwag” might return to be the hot one.

The father or Lee Yala or Senior Sergeant Major to admire for Taladkhwag Saksamrit after developing his performance to overcome the score of Daewtrang Sakniranrat with funniness to win the heart of the muay thai fans all the boxing stadium. Besides, it should thank for Sia Khwag P.K. to support until the small countryside boxing camp has been famous and be well-known to the muay thai fans much. In addition, in the next match he can face with whom in at least 125 kg. to believe for being stronger surely.
After Taladkwag Saksamrit has begun the goat year beautifully by winning the score of Daewtrang Sakniranrat with funniness to favor the muay thai fans all the stadium, in Suek Muai Thai Ched See on last Sunday at Lumphinee boxing stadium , lately Banglee or the Senior Sergeant Mayor Kerttisak Mudor has revealed that it is confident that for this year that the form to fight for Taladkwag might be better than the past year certainly with his stronger body condition and soul. Later, if there is the continuous current , it believes that in the future he might become to be the master couple boxer for sure as well as thanking for the supporters to cheer up until he has been finally being the champion.

Banglee said to Vegan Muay Thai that in the earlier it should thank for Sia Kwag , who has the kindness to support this boxing camp although this one is the small countryside. Thus, it makes the boxers have their encouragement to fight until being the champion ones , so it can guarantee that with their good soul , his boxing camp might be developed further as the last year. Furthermore, the body conditions of his boxers might be greater the past not to reduce weight much more , and in the next match Taladkwag can fight with anyone with the supporting of the boss to fight with full performance in at least 125 pounds.

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