Complete Guide to Muay Thai with Its Disciplines

A combat Sports originating from Thailand. Muay Thai is also known as Thai Boxing and Tharshanning. This fighting style utilizes stand up striking along with different clinching tactics.  Physical and mental discipline which adds combat on shins is better known as “Art of Eight Limbs”. This is defined by use of shins, punch, elbow and knee. These are related with physical preparation to become a full contact fighter. Muay Thai today have been introduced internationally in early 20th century, it was first well noted when Muay practitioners first defeated well recognized fighters of other martial arts.
Ancestor of Modern day Muay Thai, every traditional Siamese Martial Art roots back to it. It was famous as the “Nine Weapons” as it added head-butt for the ninth offensive. Associated with Muay Boran, Muay Thai`s root date back to 12 century AD. But it didn`t rose to prominence before 1850`s. after ascension of King Chulalongkorn, Masters started to each in training camp. Trainees would be treated as family members. Muay didn`t enjoy Modernization until King Rama VII. After the first ring was build, modern equipment was also introduced.  It soon became de facto style and was featured in international tournaments in 1980`s.
Formal techniques are divided into two groups, Mae Mai (Major Technique) and Luk Mai (Minor Techniques). This style is attribution for exchanging blows with one and another. This technique is applied within Thailand. However, it is ignored in international level as Muay Thai uses the entire body, block, punch and rotation of hip for each kick. Here are the main disciplines of Muay.
•    Chot (Punching)
•    Te (Kicking)
•    Ti Sok (Elbow)
•    Ti Khao (Knee)
•    Thip (Foot Thrust)
•    Chap Kho (Clinch and Neck)
Body Conditioning
Just like most full contact fighting, Muay Thai pays attention to conditioning the body. This combat style has been developed to improve fitness and toughness as for standards of Ring Competition. The training includes running, shadowboxing, body weight resistance work-out routine and abdominal exercises. These exercises also help for loss weight.
Muay Thai in Mixed Martial Arts
Recognized as effective striking in Mixed Martial Arts. Muay is extensively practiced among martial artists. Below are names of notable fighters
•    Christane Santos
•    Wanderlei Silva
•    Renan Barao
•    Gina Carano
All of these fighters have employed a wide range of tactics deprived from Muay Thai with other fighting styles. Many tactics introduced in Muay are also seen in Mixed Martial Arts such as Elbow, Knee and Kicks.

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