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“Inspector Aod” command to withdraw immediate

“Inspector Aod” send a lone distance massage by line application from Phuket, and announce that if promoter sends “The student’s favorite” Sangmanee S.teantor fight in the weight less than 125 pounds, he prepare the cost of training and will command to withdraw him immediate without mercy. He felt pity for his boxer who is under the down side. If he not has a good rival, he will order him to stop in a while. This is not a problem because he can taken care him.

“Inspector Aod” police lieutenant general Suttichai Teanpro, the adopt father of “Ball” Sangmanee Teanpor just married so he is not come to cheer in the lasted fight that Sangmanee loss Luknimit Singklongsee. Thus, he cannot make a reputation and loss in many fights. “Inspector Aod” open his mind to a reporter seriously that he is very sorry and pity Ball who was forces to loss his weight to fight. He do not have a power to fight and have to control the weight very much so he want to ask the promoter to sympathy him. He cannot fight in the weight less than 125 pounds anymore.

“I’m serious and prepare the cost of training. If Sangmanee was force to fight in the weight less than 125 pounds, I will command to withdraw him immediate. Although they will not get the reward but can ask the cost of training from me. He cannot fight in that weight and I think boxing fans can see it. He has not a power because he have to lose many weight. I felt pity him who is under the down side. This is my time to protect my child. I want the promoter understand and sympathy Sangmanee too” Inspector said.