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Fight 4 the excite battle of Kanongsuek

Kanongsuek and Sirimongkol meet at the section 4, Otue set him to fight in Assawindam war and confirms boxing fans will not disappointed because it’s focus on the heavyweight 160 pounds on Sunday 26 January 2014 .

Assawindam muay thai war on Sunday 26 January 2014 is the another interest Sunday because Otue Jarumeung set the revenge fight of Kanongsuek Chuwattana Camp with Sirimongkol Anupab 160 pounds which is the giant fight in this program. They will fight at the section 4 after each boxer loss and win in three fights and equal 1 fight. Latest, they meet at channel 9, Kanongsuek can win 5-1 point. Otue Jarumeung challenge to prove Kanongsuek and will not disappoint.

“This match was fun every time. We will not disappoint Thai boxing fans. They will create the excite fight like the last fight after they win, loss and equal. You should not miss the fight on Sunday 26 January 2014” Oteu said.