Do not Knock “Saksongkram” is occlude

Trainer Kungkong Rachanon admit about his boxer, Vatcharachai Rachanon Muay Thai camp  that he is may have the strong less than Saksongkram Pobteeratam but he have the limit 3 rounds without a knockout and the rival should prepare to get the punch back on the late round because he have the solution prepared to fight to get the reputation in Muay Thai life.

After Mr.chun Kiattipetch send Saksongkram Pobteeratam to fight with Waradchai Rachanon in Muay Thai 7 colors on the last Sunday at Wig Morchit, Trainer Kungkong Rachanon come out to reveal with Muay Siam that “Vatcharachai have the solution and admit that he is may have the less strong but not careless. If the rival cannot knockout in the 3 round, he should prepare to get the punch back on the late round because the weight 140 pounds is the easy weight. Now, his body is come to normal so we believe Vatcharachai can make the reputation again.

“This time we are disadvantageous but no pressure and repeat to not careless because he is the strong boxer but if he cannot knock our boxer in 3 Round, we have a chance to win because this heart and body is not weak like the past. Saksongkram annouce to born so I think he will do his best. I poke Muay Thai fans to follow him and guarantee they will get money” Trainer Kungkong

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