Diet tips to embrace when in Thailand

Only training is not enough, you have to go on strict diet when training in Muay Thai camp in Thailand. I always recommend you to consult a doctor or diet expert before going on any diet. In this article I will only give you some tips which you can add to your routine, the tips which I will give are safe to follow but for any major diet changes, make sure you first consult a diet expert of your physician.
1. Take Advice from Muay Thai Camp Instructor
Muay Thai camp instructors are very experienced and they can help you with all diet related issues. You can go to your Muay Thai coach and ask tips for weight loss and lean body. If you practice Muay Thai on a regular basis then you don’t have to worry much about weight loss because Muay Thai burns tons of calories.
2. Drink Lots of Water
Water is essential and very important part of human body, not only that water also flushes out toxins and keeps your body clean. Water helps fill stomach and also controls overeating. Water helps in weight loss and also keeps your body cool. Water has zero calories and does not have any negative effects on your body. Overall Water is beneficial and you should at least drink 3-4 litres water every day.
3. Add Proteins to Your Diet
Proteins help recover muscle tissues after a heavy workout, Proteins help muscle to rebuild tissues, more strong and big. If you are a Muay Thai fighter then you should pay attention on proteins, as I always say don’t overdo it, take advice from Muay Thai camp instructor or a dietician for any issues related to diet. The best sources of proteins are chicken, meat, fish, eggs, soy etc. Avoid too much red meat and also avoid egg yolks because they contain too much fat and cholesterol.

4. Avoid Sweets and cut Soda completely
Sweets are high in calories and with almost no benefits, I can understand that when you’re on a diet, the crave for sweets increases but you should avoid them as far as possible, you can allow a piece of chocolate once or twice a week but don’t eat too much. Avoid soda, soft drinks or any kind of carbonated drinks because they are empty calories, they will increase your daily calories intake without giving you any health benefit. This is Muay Thai news by Bestmuaythai@2014-07-11 .
5. Don’t eat too much greasy
Keep a simple rule in mind – “If the food looks good, avoid it”
Foods which look good are most of the time bad for health, so keeping the above rule in mind avoid greasy food, deep fried food or any type of food which was cooked using greasy substances like oil. Olive oil is okay sometimes but avoid regular cooking oils.

So these were a few tips which you can follow for a healthy diet, I repeating again that whenever you want to go on diet – ask your doctor first.

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