The great master of Muay Thai camp esteem perfect fight match

The great master of boxing around log 2-3 come to admitted Chun Kiattipetch about set the big match of Kiattipetch War on Tuesday 1st July . Each match is very attractive and play, especially Suekim S.t. Tew with Chalamkao Kiattichalermpob is the perfect match. Muay Thai fans from Thailand admire this fight is very good.

The big fight of Kiattipetch War full of famous boxing all programs, Chun Kiattipetch set the fight and controls the important match that everyone want to see. They want to know the great boxer of Boxing Athletic Association get the Cup with huge unexpectation, Panpayak Jitmoungnon Muay thai camp to compete for the championship weight 115 pounds at Lumpini Thai boxing stadium with Wanchalong P.K.Sandchai Muay Thai Gym. This is another fight that Muay Thai fans pay attention.


“The big fight of Mr.Chun on 1st July , great master of boxing around log 2-3 whether Pekko Taopun, Mr.K, Yudthasak, Tep BMTA, Mr.Keak P.K.Sterio, Jo Korad admire Mr.Chun can hold this fight very good especially Suekim fight with Chalamkao is very great because they come from good camps . This fight is good at time and match. I believe that the stake at least one million five hundred thousand baht because the list fight is very interests. All fight is fresh and can play. We collect the ticket 320 baht that is not expensive” .

The Best Natural Treatment to Lose Weight , form Bestmuaythai News@2014-06-17 .

Nowadays, there is fantastic exercise with simple method and technique to boost weight loss in short period of time. Many people are practicing Muay Thai kick boxing as their regular exercise. Muay Thai kick boxing is the most popular martial art sport in Thailand. This exercise is focus to train their knees, arms, feet and elbows in one movement to develop their self defense skill and offense technique. With Muay Thai kick boxing, people practice their fighting movement with their knees, arms, feet and elbows in the strong and right direction.

Muay Thai is excellent way to increase self defense skill, increase self confidence, and build strong body. Women with overweight sometimes feel embarrassing with their condition. Muay Thai become great option to choose in fighting weight loss. Muay Thai teach people how to defense and offense in fighting technique. With strong movement, people can protect themselves from any attack and beat the enemy with strong offense. Practicing Muay Thai need a lot of energy and concentration. Muay Thai is good exercise for women who look for natural and simple exercise to reduce weight loss. People can practice stand up, striking, stretching, running, jogging and skipping rope exercise. With good combination of knees, feet, elbows and arms make Muay Thai become popular indoor exercise to build strong body muscle, fit and healthy.

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