“Prajanchai” please to beat “Eakmongkol”

Noi Bangpakok please for the battle between Eakmongkol Chicken Five Star Gym with “Chaipenchud” Prajandchai P.Petchnamthong muay thai training camp is very suitable fight. He brags if Prajandchai win, he can fight with anyone in the weight 1150117 pounds. This battle is held on the Foundation Day 57 years at Lumpini boxing ring on 21 January 2014.

The greatest foundation Day 57-year of Lumbini boxing ring which will be held on Tuesday 21st January  at Lumpini Thai boxing ring by Mr.Noa, Wirad Wachirattanawong set the full fight list. There are all major boxing championship and the important fight from Wansongchai will across to entertain in this fight.

Later, the reporter have been revealed form Noi Bangpakok about the availability of Prajanchai P.Petchnamthong who will fight in the opening batlle of Eakmongkol Chicken Five Star Gym that Prajandchai prepare himself very well and not afraid Eakmonkol and point that the boxing style of Eakmongkol is suit for Prajanchai very much.

“Prajanchai prepare himself very good because this is the championship protection fight. From Eakmongkol style, we will not worry. If he can win in this fight, he can fight with anyone who is in the weight 115-117 pound and in Petchyindee gym. We not escape especially the pushy and knee boxer.” Noi said.

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  1. Prajanchai is strong fighter because his muay thai camp have heavy training program to control him in every days . Then he have many fanclub want to watch him .

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