“Phetbunchu” never lose to anyone after fighting for 7 matches @ Ratchadamnoen Stadium.

Teacher Chu or Phayungsak Raksat has invited the Muay Thai fans to catch the eye on Deawrung Phetbunchu , who will have the new program to fight with the commander Mor Phuwana in Suek Rachadamnern Superfight  on this 15th March 2015 at Ratchadamnoen Muay Thai stadium. Moreover, he has won for several matches without losing to anyone as the knee boxer , which Deawrung has knocked with this strategy for many ones. Then, the Muay Thai fans should watch for him well whether to knock his couple boxer.

Teacher Ju said that he is also confused because Phetbunchu is not the kick boxer , but he is the knee boxer after knocking his couple boxers for many matches. Thus, it should invite the Muay Thai fans to watch his game whether to knock his couple boxer as the past times.

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