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Do not Knock “Saksongkram” is occlude

Trainer Kungkong Rachanon admit about his boxer, Vatcharachai Rachanon Muay Thai camp  that he is may have the strong less than Saksongkram Pobteeratam but he have the limit 3 rounds without a knockout and the rival should prepare to get the punch back on the late round because he have the solution prepared to fight to get the reputation in Muay Thai life.

After Mr.chun Kiattipetch send Saksongkram Pobteeratam to fight with Waradchai Rachanon in Muay Thai 7 colors on the last Sunday at Wig Morchit, Trainer Kungkong Rachanon come out to reveal with Muay Siam that “Vatcharachai have the solution and admit that he is may have the less strong but not careless. If the rival cannot knockout in the 3 round, he should prepare to get the punch back on the late round because the weight 140 pounds is the easy weight. Now, his body is come to normal so we believe Vatcharachai can make the reputation again.

“This time we are disadvantageous but no pressure and repeat to not careless because he is the strong boxer but if he cannot knock our boxer in 3 Round, we have a chance to win because this heart and body is not weak like the past. Saksongkram annouce to born so I think he will do his best. I poke Muay Thai fans to follow him and guarantee they will get money” Trainer Kungkong

Diet tips to embrace when in Thailand

Only training is not enough, you have to go on strict diet when training in Muay Thai camp in Thailand. I always recommend you to consult a doctor or diet expert before going on any diet. In this article I will only give you some tips which you can add to your routine, the tips which I will give are safe to follow but for any major diet changes, make sure you first consult a diet expert of your physician.
1. Take Advice from Muay Thai Camp Instructor
Muay Thai camp instructors are very experienced and they can help you with all diet related issues. You can go to your Muay Thai coach and ask tips for weight loss and lean body. If you practice Muay Thai on a regular basis then you don’t have to worry much about weight loss because Muay Thai burns tons of calories.
2. Drink Lots of Water
Water is essential and very important part of human body, not only that water also flushes out toxins and keeps your body clean. Water helps fill stomach and also controls overeating. Water helps in weight loss and also keeps your body cool. Water has zero calories and does not have any negative effects on your body. Overall Water is beneficial and you should at least drink 3-4 litres water every day.
3. Add Proteins to Your Diet
Proteins help recover muscle tissues after a heavy workout, Proteins help muscle to rebuild tissues, more strong and big. If you are a Muay Thai fighter then you should pay attention on proteins, as I always say don’t overdo it, take advice from Muay Thai camp instructor or a dietician for any issues related to diet. The best sources of proteins are chicken, meat, fish, eggs, soy etc. Avoid too much red meat and also avoid egg yolks because they contain too much fat and cholesterol.
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Muay Thai – Travel

Simply, travel is the development of individuals between moderately removed topographical areas, and can include go by foot, bike, car, train, vessel, plane, or different means, with or without gear, and could be restricted or round trek. Travel can likewise incorporate moderately short stays between progressive developments. Muay thai boxing gears must be of heavenly and joins a full size ring for muay thai boxing, speed sacks for muay thai get ready, long packs, three readiness rings, ropes to stretch persistence in muay thai , and weights for muay thai contenders to stay strong for their muay thai battles. Moreover Muay thai boxing activity focus must be clean for all in get ready with nature’s turf. To learn Muay Thai boxing flying out to Thailand over yonder at one of the numerous Muay Thai camps and exercise centers will be best. Muay thai confining learning in Thailand has a strong center of consistent clients and a steady stream of visitors finding data.

“Berklerk” happy to have a live match

Aun Sukhumvit, the senior of Berklerk Aun Sukhumvit firmly believe we are superior body and will win Petchchumeoung C.chumeoung Muay Thai training camp in the 4 match of Petchyindee War on Friday, 18 July 2014 at Lumpini Ramintra Muay Thai stadium.
The movement progress of 4 matches in Petchyindee Muay Thai War on Friday, 18 July 2014 at Lumpini Ramintra Muay Thai stadium was held by “Mr.Nao” the promoter, Wirat Wachirattanawong. This match is the fight between Berklerk Aun Sukhumvit with Petchchumeoung C.chumeoung in the weight 117 pounds. Before the match Aun Sukhumvit, the senior of Berklerk Aun Sukhumvit has come to ensured through Muay Siam reporter that “”About the preparation of training, we can say that my gym is not giving the poor care for boxer. We will not release the poor boxer to fight so Muay Thai fans can trust us. Berklerk is fully fought in this match. We may have the less experience but we will use the fresh to fight and be as a settler to win Petchchumeoung and become the winner. I have more confident that the winner is will be our boxers. Boxing fan that need money can pick it on 18th Friday. You will not disappoint” Aun Sukhumvit said.