Monthly Archives: December 2013

Send “Vijaya” to training muay thai with another camp .

Pol.Col Thawatchai duksukkeaw send Mafiadam T.pranthaksin Camp to improve himself at Rachanon muay thai gym one month. Chai Soft 99, a right hand people confident and serious in thi match with Suaycham Pumpanmeung not have a problem. Warn staff team to keep an eye on this match. It’s not disappointing them in Mauy Thai 7 color on Sunday 15 December.

The coming back of Mafiadam T.pranthaksin, a good boxer of “directing Duk” Pol.Col Thawatchai duksukkeaw, his form is increasing. A director sends him to Bangkok to training at Rachanon gym one month so his body is perfect. Chai Soft 99, one of a right hand people point to keep an eye on this fight. Mafiadam have more confident to fight with Suaycham. a boxer of director Suktas who have a confident 100% to win this fight.

“My children have good intentions. For fight with Suaycham, Mafiadam training with Wichai Rachanon and have a very good body because he wants be well-known boxer. I want you keep an eye on this Sunday. I have full confidence he can pass this fight.” Chai Soft 99, a right hand people said.